The Joys of Casting

Every director I know eagerly anticipates casting the show…and agonizes over the process. Not only is it exciting and critical to put together a cast that holds the promise of bringing your vision of the play to life, it’s really hard to turn down people who have taken the plunge to audition in the first place! At DSP, it’s only the director who makes those difficult calls (meaning both the decisions and the follow-up contacts). But once that’s done, we’re all ready to move into rehearsal and create a cohesive company. For In (Roles We) Play, Andra Kelly has selected Mark Canlas, Samantha Hubbs, Sonya Jones, Jesse Korneiew, Sheri Pereira, Tim Westhead, Patti Wilson and Gillian Woodhouse. Samantha, Jesse and Sonya are new to the Arts Resource Centre stage. Welcome! And well done to those who did not get a part this time around…the next audition is Oct. 10.

Carolyn Wilson, Producer