2018-2019 the 45th Season

Photo Collage by Phil Ireland

The Long Road

by Shelagh Stephenson

directed by Joe Szekeres

Nov. 2, 3, 7, 8, 9, 10, 2018     8 pm

“It’s a long road…No one tells you how to do these things.”

Is redemption only possible through forgiveness? Shattered by the impulsive street crime of a young offender, the Pritchard family’s unsteady, conflicting steps through the stages of grief threaten to drive them apart. In this gripping drama, each person follows a long and difficult road from denial to acceptance where no character treads the same path. But the search for meaning and accountability is absolutely necessary and there’s hope that the paths will converge. Real life doesn’t provide easy answers.


Featuring: Raissa Chernushenko, Katie Lunman, Kevin Shaver, Carey Risman, Patti Wilson



Photo Collage by Phil Ireland

Love and Anger

by George F. Walker

directed by Carolyn Wilson

Jan. 18, 19, 23, 24, 25, 26, 2019    8 pm

“The official charge is: Being … Consciously … Evil.”

As a corporate lawyer, Peter Maxwell helped rich, greedy and often corrupt men maintain their privileged status, but he’s had enough of enabling the 1%. Now as ‘Petie’, Maxwell reorients his life and career to attack the power and gender disparities that ruin life for many of his fellow citizens. Welcome once again to Walker’s dynamic political comedy of the east end, where marginalized women rally for renewal and challenge the insanity of the status quo with riotously funny, logically absurd tactics that always hit home.




Drawing by Anna-Maria Maleshev

⇒ the North American premiere of


by James Rushbrooke

directed by John Lunman

March 22, 23, 27, 28, 29, 30    2019    8 pm

“Are you one of those people who watch me through the mirror?”

A futuristic drama set not too far from now in a society optimistic that people can be the best version of ourselves. Mandatory screening has eliminated most genetic disorders, but one particularly troubling case remains: Jessie, the 12 year old daughter of a long-dead murderous psychopathic parent. She has been under close clinical observation for years. Is she dangerous? Is she evil? And what do you do with the material when the study ends?  DSP is proud to present the North American premiere of an important story.