2023-2024 – the 50th Season


by Kat Sandler
directed by Margo Rodgers
November 10, 11, 15, 16, 17, 18, 8pm
November 12, 2 pm

“This is crazy, like I don’t even know you and I already totally love you forever.”

Thai’s imaginary friend since birth, Mustard, shouldn’t be here. No, no, no, no, no. But he is. He wants to help his Person (Thai) through a tough time. And he shouldn’t become visible to his Person’s mom who doesn’t believe he’s real until she does. And he’s not ready to leave his Person, even though he’s in deep, life-threatening trouble with unsavoury characters sent to punish him for some substantial Imaginary Friend Rule Breaking. Still, Mustard just won’t leave. That’s a big problem.

Mustard is a twisted fairy tale about friendship, love, growing up, moving on and finding magic where you least expect it. This unruly bedtime story is sassy, sad, scary and surreal. It is also about some serious stuff, including alcoholism, suicide and mental health. At its core, Mustard is a play about love and friendship – both real and imagined.

Mustard contains strong language and challenging themes.

Many thanks to everyone who brought such talent to the audition. The cast:

Mustard    Paul Love
Thai    Abbie Dodington
Sadie    Jennie Archambault
Bug    Andra Kelly
Leslie    Melissa Gibson
Jay    Felix Hamilton



If Truth Be Told

by Beverley Cooper
directed by John Lunman
January 26, 27,  31, February 1, 2, 3, 2024 at 8 pm
January 28 at 2 pm

“But what if we don’t share the same values.”

Peg Dunlop, a well-known Canadian writer, returns to care for an aged parent in the hometown she fled years ago. Eager to use material relevant to her students, a high school teacher decides to include one of Dunlop’s celebrated novels, pulling them both into conflict with locals who want the book banned. Who decides how we see the world? And how do we get past such fundamental differences?

Peg    Laurie Scattergood
Maysie    Linda Chapman
Carmella    Yasmin Bertew
Jennifer    Sabrina Siriski
Harry    Ross Libbey



The Trespassers

by Morris Panych
directed by David Mouti
March 22, 23, 27, 28, 29, 30, 2024
at 8 pm
March 23 at 3 pm

“You can’t let places own you. You have to go to places you don’t belong.”

A strange murder in an abandoned orchard brings 15-year-old Lowell to police attention. But which truth will Lowell reveal: his unconventional grandfather’s, his protective mother’s, or his own? After all, Lowell remembers his granddad’s insistence that “There’s something in between lying and not lying. It’s called a story.”

Lowell   Adam McMaster
Cash   Sheri Pereira
Hardy   Rick Kerr
Roxy   Cassandra Pearson
Milton   Harry Lavigne