2022-2023 – the 48th Season


by Michael Redhill 

directed by Phil Ireland
stage managed by Andra Kelly

“Love just changes some people for the worse.”

An evil is lived. The story is told. Something even greater is heard. Michael, a writer searching for witnesses to a family tragedy, meets Althea, whose vivid past compels Michael to question what and whom he should trust. Althea remembers the alleged war criminal she was supposed to protect, his loving daughter and the prosecutor who seeks his conviction. Does failing memory absolve responsibility? Is love an enemy of justice? Past and present are drawn to each other just as evil and goodness are threaded through all we do.

Featuring Jay da Costa, Emily Graham, David Mouti, Shael Risman, Patti Wilson, Illianna Wotton

November 4, 5, 9, 10, 11, 12   2022    8 pm
Contains disturbing language and themes 

Photo by Phil Ireland


WROL (without rule of law)
by Michaela Jeffery
directed by John Lunman
stage managed by Tracy Magee-Graham

March 24, 25, 29, 30, 31, April 1, 2023

“We are not Guides anymore. No, we’re rogue.”

Four Grade 8 girls are sure that society does not prioritize their voices and commit to preparing for survival in the post-collapse world they expect to inherit. They gather in an abandoned building, determined to be heard and re-invent their futures. But these committed doomers uncover clues that complicate their plans. Who was in this space before? And where did they go?

This is a play for adults (16plus) who portray a group of 12 – 13-year-old characters.