Come Play – 48th Season Auditions & More

WROL (without rule of law)
By Michaela Jeffery

Wednesday November 23, 2022, 7 to 9 pm
Arts Resource Centre, 45 Queen Street, Oshawa. 

“We are not Guides anymore. No, we’re rogue.”

Four Grade 8 girls are sure that society does not prioritize their voices and commit to preparing for survival in the post-collapse world they expect to inherit. They gather in an abandoned building, determined to be heard and re-invent their futures. But these committed doomers uncover clues that complicate their plans. Who was in this space before? And where did they go?

This is a play for adults (16plus) who portray a group of 12 – 13-year-old characters. YOUR age is not as important as your ability to play and move like an early teen (for example, crawling, jumping, dancing, doing camp cheers). Bring high energy and enthusiasm even when faced with cynical comments on the state of the world, people, and school. All roles can be any race, nationality. Your own accent is welcome.

You’ll take part in cold readings from the script and a movement-based improvisation exercise. Please be prepared to stay for 2 hours. Scripts are available for loan from Carolyn Wilson, producer, at  or from the director, John Lunman, at

Performances take place March 24, 25, 29, 30, 31, April 1, 2023.

12. Resilient. Ferocious. Empathetic. There is a fire seething within her. She has abundant energy and drive – so much so it is often beyond her control. She is trying her best to help others and help them help themselves. She’s got “big sister” energy despite being one of the youngest.

12. Life has always been a fight for Jo – nothing comes easy. She is messy and vital and wild and afraid. Unlike Maureen, she generally cannot pass as well adjusted (even when she needs to). Under the skin, she is a determined force, a uniquely charismatic leader, and a deeply vulnerable soul.

13. Without being a bully, Robie has a voice in any room. While not popular at school, he has never questioned if he belongs. He can casually and easily fit into the system as it exists. He genuinely cares about the well-being of these girls and what happens to them. He is concerned with right and wrong.

13. Vic is an open book… except for her multitude of secrets. She likes who she is and is resistant to reinvention. She has had to move schools a lot. She is perceptive and curious – a born listener, problem solver, and not-so-secret badass.

13. Rigorous, thoughtful, obsessive, and intensely imaginative. Sarah has naturally introverted energy but glows like a beacon that can be seen for miles when she gets to let others in on the workings of her terrific brain.


For future reference, all auditions are held at the Oshawa Arts Resource Centre, 45 Queen St. There is plenty of free evening parking.

Auditions are public readings using the script; no monologues or bookings required. No fees and no experience necessary, but you should read the script to determine your interest and suitability. Please plan to stay for the duration of each audition. DSP shows are community theatre so are all non-paying, non-union, volunteer only productions.

Scripts for each season’s shows are made available for loan.

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