“Aspiring Francine” by Don Hannah

Everyone in the house has  a big role to play in making theatre! In the first short play of DSP’s season-opening production, In (Roles We) Play, Francine (played by Gillian Woodhouse)  is mocked by her boss, Iris (Patti Wilson), for wanting to be an actor and seeing an actual audience… Read More

A Range of Roles

Tomorrow is audition day at DSP once again. Seems as if the season just gets underway and before long 2 of 3 shows will be cast! Phil Ireland has chosen a stunning drama to direct this time. The Other Place by Sharr White offers four really meaty, challenging and rewarding roles… Read More

The Joys of Casting

Every director I know eagerly anticipates casting the show…and agonizes over the process. Not only is it exciting and critical to put together a cast that holds the promise of bringing your vision of the play to life, it’s really hard to turn down people who have taken the plunge… Read More

Audition Approaching

In 1994, DSP jumped into the new genre of 10 minute plays as a way to offer opportunities to new actors and directors. We called the project To The Point, and it was largely inspired by the publication that year of a wonderful collection of short plays called Instant Applause… Read More

“It’s all make-believe, isn’t it?”

It’s quite a job acquiring affordable rights to 11 separate plays by 10 Canadian authors. We started with a longer short list of selections that would work with Andra’s theme of exits and entrances. The list whittled itself down to a manageable size as we negotiated with agents and often… Read More