“Aspiring Francine” by Don Hannah

Everyone in the house has  a big role to play in making theatre! In the first short play of DSP’s season-opening production, In (Roles We) Play, Francine (played by Gillian Woodhouse)  is mocked by her boss, Iris (Patti Wilson), for wanting to be an actor and seeing an actual audience in her office:

Iris: Francine, you have snapped.

Francine: You really can’t see anyone?

Iris: Just you. You can still see them?

Francine: And hear them.

Iris: Oh, they’re talking?

Francine: No, laughing a bit. Rustling about.

Iris: “Rustling.” “Rustling” what? Paper? Cattle?

Francine: Just themselves.

Iris: This crowd of immense proportions that only you can see, they are rustling themselves?